What We Do

We Create

The NED Initiative is Australia’s first agency specifically created to support emerging and independent designers. We specialise in content creation and ensure each designer is provided with regular photoshoots to update their look books; have curated website imagery; quarterly lifestyle shoots in collaboration with stylists and professional models; access to high resolution images for media; and continuous content for their social media channels – no cookie cutter material here! We understand that each designer’s brand is as unique as their fingerprints and that their digital print needs to reflect that. 

We Connect 

We work closely with our designers to set milestone goals and keep their career on track while providing external opportunities where possible through showcase events, collaborative projects and through actively trying to place them into boutiques and stores both nationally and internationally. Our team has worked across all realms from big corporate, small start ups and leading entrepreneurs bringing a fresh take, not a one-size-fits-all solution.


We Fund

Let’s face it, launching a label requires more than just pocket change! With experience in government grants and funding, I WANT NED assists designers to assess and apply for any relative grants that can help inject cashflow into their project and get it off the ground. AND luckily enough for our Queensland based friends, we have something special that has you covered for an entire year’s worth of content for a portion of the cost.

We Take Things Next Level

We live in a society that dreams several screens at a time (hello, Netflix coupled with Instagram!) which means it is getting harder and harder for designers to be found. Without relevant content and the right people preaching your name; standing on two legs can quickly become a slippery slope! Where does NED come in? We’re all about collaboration and that means connecting with stylists, bloggers, influencers, photographers, producers, directors, speakers, personalities and boutiques on a daily basis. If there’s a place we can pitch a designer’s work, we’ll do it.

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