Our Story

The NED Initiative began as a small project on a mission to empower emerging and independent labels. Time and time again we would see incredibly talented designers struggle to tread above water and give up on their empire all because they were unable to keep up with new media trends, production demands, networking and ultimately, they were unable to truly ‘break’ into the industry.

We wanted to close the gap and provide a space for emerging and independent labels to connect with industry professionals, collaborate with stylists and influencers and gain access to a full-time professional photographer dedicated to curating their fashion empire to it’s best potential and giving them access to a library of yearly imagery and branded video reels on tap!

Currently, The NED Initiative is only Australian agency who specifically specialise in fashion-focussed content and creation. We work with a myriad of industry specialists, ranging from PR professionals, digital media gurus, photographers, videographers, stylists, store buyers, grant writers, and, branding and corporate leaders.

It’s our whole world and everything we do, and we hope that in some small way those incredible designers will forget about treading water and dive right in.

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Jodie Hilton (Founder, The New Garde)

Jodie Hilton was inspired to launch The New Garde to fill Brisbane’s need for a fashion co-working studio. Too often, designers feel the need to move to Sydney or Melbourne to further their careers and end up struggling for years in a larger and more competitive market. Well no longer! The New Garde is a one-stop fashion house that supports the designer every step of the way, injecting the Brisbane fashion scene with new life at the same time. 

With a career in design and visual merchandising, alongside a degree in branded fashion and badassery, Jodie is our fashion business leader. Not sure how to price an item? Can’t devise a clear action plan? Need an introduction to reliable suppliers? Jodie’s your gal. 

With extensive work experience at Marcs, Sacha Drake, Fashion Weekly Magazine, Kitx and Vogue Australia, Jodie understands what’s required to make it big. 

Her mentoring sessions are on point with a six-step delivery method to take you to the runway and beyond. By setting clear goals and having Jodie as your mentor to draw out your inner badassery, these goals will be made all the more achievable. 



Bianca Gregg (Global Wholesale Agent and Brand Consultant)

Bianca Gregg is a Global Wholesale Agent and Brand Consultant. Based in Australia servicing Internationally, Bianca Gregg specializes in boutique contemporary brands, strategically reaching and supplying renowned retailers universally. 

Bianca Gregg provides the most holistic approach to Fashion Wholesale, focusing on developing strong client relationships not only between the agent and brand, but most importantly by communicating directly between the brand and retailers. Through a tailored and personal service, BIANCA GREGG strives to deliver an ever-evolving brand experience driving the consumer and maximizing brand exposure.

Bianca Gregg has solidified retailer and brand relationships worldwide attaining the most desired locations of those consumers and brands.

From emerging to established designers, Bianca Gregg works closely with clients to develop a customer experience that is none other than true to the brands ethos



Holly McCredie (Visual Merchandiser and Brand Consultant)

Holly has worked as a Visual Merchandiser for over 10 years, working with prestigious Australia and International retailers including David Jones; Oroton Group and more recently Williams Sonoma. In 2013 she launched her own business offering Freelance Visual Merchandising services focusing on smaller retail businesses in Brisbane. Holly has experience working across large and small businesses and a large range of products including homewares, furniture, fashion and accessories.